Alesso is a sweet tabby kitten who enjoys spending time with his feline friends. He can be initially shy at first but he will warm up quickly once he is comfortable in his surroundings, and he’ll happily purr away and will even make biscuits to show his contentment.

Alesso has a distinctive feature – a cute kink at the end of his tail that only adds to his charm. Legend long ago says that a princess in a royal household would place her rings on a kitty’s tail for safekeeping while she bathed. The kitty would bend its tail to keep the rings from slipping off, resulting in a permanent curl. So perhaps Alesso is a long-lost descendant of these royal cats!

Alesso loves to play and explore, but he is also content to just curl up in a cozy spot and relax.  If you already have a cat or two in your household, Alesso would be the perfect addition to your family. With a little patience and lots of love, Alesso will be your new best friend in no time.