Atticus and his sister were abandoned at an auto shop with their mother. Though initially terrified from trauma, he has come around very quickly and enjoys human companionship. And what a handsome guy! He is a very intelligent cat. Atticus loves to play and one of his favorite activities is to take his toys from his toybox looking for the one that best suits his play mood. He will toss them up in the air and chase them around for entertainment. Atticus will rub on his foster’s legs and sit next to him on the sofa purring to show he wants attention. Sometimes he might even give a little swat for more attention, but it’s not in a mean way. Atticus does not like being in a cage at PetSmart and gets fearful and defensive when he is there. He came around quickly at his foster home and everyone who met Atticus fell in love with him. Please give this beautiful, sweet boy some love and a forever home.