Bella (“Baby Bella”) is the only female in her litter. She is also the smallest of the litter (thus the nickname). To be so petite and pretty, she manages to hold her own with her four brothers Nunu, Pierre, Leelo and Feisty. She has the cutest little face and is one of the only two solid black beauties in the litter. She is somewhat bonded with Leelo but would be happy to be adopted with any of her brothers – she loves them all and they all love her. She adores to be loved on and lap time is critical. She starts to purr the moment she sees her foster mom. She is also a big helper – she supervises her foster mom as she scoops the litter boxes, consistently. She also helps her foster mom serve breakfast and do the dishes every morning. She is just happy to be near and doesn’t really get in the way. She is definitely the most social and people-oriented of the litter, but the entire gang is full of love. Baby Bella is happy, full of purrs and so much fun.