Bentley is a gorgeous charcoal grey boy who is dressed for winter with his white muffler and matching white boots. He is poised and regal, like a lion on his perch, and yet he is kitten social, enjoying all the chaos around the house as well as playing with toys.  On top of that, he loves playing with the Da Bird and Da Bee.  Like most cats, he can be a little shy at first but he is currently enjoying all the attention from our volunteers.  He wriggles a lot when being held but really enjoys being stroked on his head and chin. 

Bentley formed a special bond with the resident house cats while in his foster home and followed them around as if they were rock stars.  Bentley will be well suited in a home with another cat as a playmate that will show him the ropes but he prefers to be adopted into a home with his sister Ceclia.