Bianca is a beautiful tuxedo with pretty green eyes who is always well dressed for any occasion. She is an outgoing and friendly girl who loves head rubs. Bianca will even enthusiastically rub you back to repay the favor. She is a curious girl who is most interested in the world and enjoys being with her people.

Bianca has a little kink at the end of her tail. Legend long ago says that a princess in a royal household would place her rings on a kitty’s tail for safekeeping while she bathed. The kitty would bend its tail to keep the rings from slipping off, resulting in a permanent curl. So perhaps Bianca is a long-lost descendant of these royal cats!

Bianca came to the rescue because her previous owner had moved away leaving her behind to fend for herself on the street when the house went into foreclosure. Luckily, a kind samaritan found her and got her to our rescue where she has received excellent care. Bianca is looking forward to her furrever home as the only pet where she can be the center of attention.