Meet Bijan, an adorable grey and white tabby. Bijan lives up to the reputation of his namesake, Bijan Robinson, a running back for the Atlanta Falcons. Bijan is speedy, agile and quick as a cat can be. He quickly learned that with one touch of his paws, he could leap over the baby gate to freedom. Bijan came to AAC through the Hall County Animal Shelter where they put him with his four stepbrothers. Until he was rescued and put in the shelter, he had been just trying to survive; so he had no idea how to behave as a kitten. His stepbrothers taught him how to enjoy life as a kitten, free from care and never having to worry about where his next meal was. He is super sweet and very curious. He gets along with the house kitties and loves to sit with his foster mom for lots of pets and love. He would be a perfect addition to any family.