Binnie is a shy girl who came to our rescue from the despair of a trash dumpster (“bin) where she was abandoned all alone as a tiny, helpless kitten. She had quite a rough start to life and has come such a long way in recovering from her traumatic beginnings. Binnie loves to play with other cats but is very shy with people until she gets to know them. Her favorite thing in the world is curling up on a tall cat tower to observe the activity below her. And she really loves a good fish-flavored meat tube! Her favorite toys are little balls that make a crinkle sound and she will even throw them up in the air for herself to hit, like a little kitty hackysack.

Binnie will do best in a quiet household with a kind and patient person. A family that won’t rush her and who will understand that winning a shy cat’s love is a marathon rather than a sprint. Binnie is great with other cats and doesn’t mind dogs as long as they leave her alone.