Bonnie is a stunning tortoise with beautiful orange and black fur.  This sweet girl is such a charmer.  She was the last of her litter to seek out human touch but once she realized the benefits, she was all in!  Her favorite activities are playing fetch when she can find her favorite ball, being extremely curious about what is inside the cabinets and she is the champion at squirrel and bird watching.  She loves playing with the laser pointer, the Da Bird cat toy, and teaching the younger foster kittens how it is done.  Bonnie hogs the cat beds from the other cats who patiently wait for her to get back to her kitten antics to reclaim their territory. Bonnie and her sister Louise are quite a pair especially when it comes to investigating the shower and tub.  We know that one or more of these darling, loveable kitties would make a fantastic addition to your home.