Braden is a ridiculously soft, handsome, young orange tabby with the best purr you have ever heard. He is a happy, healthy guy that loves to chase toys, play in his tunnel and wrestle with his BFF Charlie. He immediately starts his super loud purr when he is around people, and if you scratch the right spots he will add in an extra chirpy sound with the purrs.

Braden is very shy at first and acts skittish in specific situations even with people he knows and loves. He is definitely not aggressive at all – he just chooses to remove himself from any situation that he doesn’t feel 100% comfortable in. I am sure this will change once he is settled into a forever home and feels more confident. Right now, he has been through a lot of changes since being surrendered as a kitten. He was a stray that a good Samaritan helped, along with the rest of his litter, as newborns. They could not keep the kittens and could not find them all homes. Braden is the last of his litter, probably because he is the shyest. When you first meet him, you don’t see the “real Braden. Give him just a little time though – and he will delight you!

Braden is bonded to his brother-from-another-mother Charlie (who is also a delight!) and they will need to be adopted in a home together.