Cassidy is a beautiful tabby kitty with big green eyes. Her round face and doe eyes are absolutely adored by her foster mom. She is very calm and is a bit timid. Cassidy can be misunderstood at first because she has a habit of hissing when she first meets someone. We realized this is her way of communicating that she’d like to be approached slowly and be petted on her butt. Once she learns that you are just full of love & treats, she will look at you with adoring eyes. Petting sessions are so wonderful for her that she will even start drooling which is one of the highest forms of affection kitties can show their humans.

Cassidy would do great in a quieter home with another kitty but no young children or dogs. She does very well with her other foster friend, Mama Rue. It would be great if she could go home with Mama Rue but would be okay if there is another friendly kitty at her new home. She needs an experienced adopter as it takes a bit of time for her to open up and get used to new surroundings. She is extremely low maintenance, so if you are looking for a companion cat, Cassidy is your girl! Contact us to meet her today.