Cecila is a lovely soft grey tabby girl, with the softest fur who is dressed for winter in her white scarf and matching white boots.  Cecila is kitten social and loves playing with flittering toys like the Da Bird and Da Bee. Like most cats, she can be a little shy at first but she is currently enjoying all the attention from our volunteers.  She darts around like most kittens when you want to hold her, but she is very gentle and definitely enjoys having her head and ears stroked. 

Cecila is an independent yet playful kitty that made her foster family feel special when she surrendered her affection. While in her foster home, she formed a special attachment to her elders, the foster house cats. Cecilia will do best in a home with another cat as a playmate that will show her the ropes but she prefers to be adopted into a home with her brother Bentley.