Courtesy Listing: Cliff is a very handsome and sweet 4-year-old boy who was given to Feline Wellness Center after his beloved owner passed away. His favorite pastimes include napping, yelling for snacks, staring into your soul, and affectionately headbutting his favorite people. We believe Cliff may actually be a cryptid in cat form, so he needs someone who is patient and willing to go slow with him, as it is his first time being a cat and he needs some time to come out of his shell while he figures this whole “cat” thing out. The great thing about Cliff is that he is always extremely sweet even when he is nervous, and once he is comfortable being his awkward, cryptid self around you, he will lay in your lap, watch TV with you, and be very vocal with you (he mostly says how confused he is about how he got into this cat body). Apply now to meet Cryptid Cliff!