Dido is a beautiful brown and black tabby kitten with the most interesting and unique pattern on her back. We believe this sweet kitten would make a wonderful addition to any home as long as there is time for her to adjust to her new surroundings.

Dido’s mama is FIV positive and it is very common for FIV antibodies to be passed along to her kittens so Dido has tested positive for FIV. It is important to understand that these tests look for the presence of the FIV antibodies but they do not look for the presence of FIV.

While maternal antibody transmission is common, the transmission of the disease is extremely uncommon. It is recommended that Dido be tested again in six months after maternal antibodies have worn off and a more accurate test result can be obtained. In most cases, kittens will retest negative, and be FIV-free.

For more information on FIV tests in young kittens and why a young kitten who tests positive is most likely negative, please check out this video.