This little solid black kitten was found as a part of a stray/feral colony in Brunswick, Georga by one of AAC’s college-age volunteers near her apartment. After charming his litter and mother, she took them into her home and cared for them until she could get them to AAC here in Roswell. Edgar is an outgoing kitten with a playful personality. He loves to play with wand toys and he loves to eat! He is always the first of his siblings to try something new and warm up to people. He loves other cats, but is unsure of dogs and has not really been around them. He is good with kids. He is a gentle kitten, and does not play roughly and claws do not come out often. He has a big, loud purr and does like to cuddle in a warm cozy blanket with a human. He would love to be adopted with one of his siblings, Helga or Alfred, or his mom, Annabel Lee.