Evie is a brown and tan tabby with emerald green eyes. Her tabby markings are beautiful and she has adorable little white toes with long white socks on her back paws. This super sweet girl has the sweetest little face and she is a very quiet and calm kitty. Like most cats, she can be a little shy at first but all she needs is a little patience so that she can get to know you. She will warm up in no time at all and enjoy sitting quietly next to you and will let you hold her close to your chest. Evie especially loves pets and head rubs plus enjoys having her chin scratched.

Evie came to the rescue because her previous owner had moved away leaving her behind to fend for herself when the house went into foreclosure. She was very hungry from being trapped on a rooftop with no food and only rainwater in a broken pot. Luckily, a kind samaritan found her and got her to our rescue where she has received excellent care. Evie is looking forward to finding her quiet and peaceful furrever home with a kind and caring family.