Iris was found roaming around a shopping center looking for food, until a kind dry cleaner owner started feeding her. When we got her, we didn’t think she would be friendly, but she proved us all wrong! It actually seems like she was previously an indoor cat but somehow ended up outside. She is a beautiful tortie kitty, with big yellow eyes that always look at you full of love. She has a patch of yellow fur right below her mouth, that looks like she forgot to wipe her mouth after a big meal! She loves being petted, as her purr machine starts operating at full speed the moment you touch her. And frankly, you won’t want to stop, because she is SO SOFT.

Iris does well with other kitties & would love to have a friend in her new home. She will need a slow & quiet introduction for the first few days, but she will get acclimated to her new surroundings and warm up to you quickly. Contact us to meet Iris today!