Kiki is a certified lap kitty with a heart of gold and wants to spend her days comfortably on your lap while getting all the pets. She is a lover, through and through and will give you all the slow blinks and purrs you can handle. 

Kiki has a tight bond with her sister, Coco, and they do everything together, like looking at you for more affection. These sisters are a bonded pair who must be adopted in a home together.  They originally came to our rescue when their family went through a divorce and had to move away.  These girls are a sweet and playful pair who would be great with kids.  KiKi’s favorite toy is da bee, and she loves attacking it with CoCo’s help.  No matter where they are in their foster’s home, when they hear da bee flying through the air in their room, they come running!

Kiki is a great guard kitty, and she will make sure your home is safe from any potential bird or squirrel invasions.  She loves looking at them through the windows in her foster home.  KiKi takes her guard duties seriously and will perform several sweeps through your home to make sure there are no threats to report.  Because of KiKi’s inner security guard personality, she sometimes sees other pets as threats she needs to stalk.  As such, this pair needs to be adopted to a home without any other animals so that any other pets don’t feel like they are her prey.  

While in our care, we’ve learned that KiKi has some food allergies to certain flavors, so she and CoCo are on a prescription cat food.  KiKi also receives medicine once per day to help her skin not be so itchy, and she is a champ at taking her daily meds.

I am bonded with Coco.