Lady Jane Tottie

Lady Jane Tottie is a tortoiseshell kitty whose coat is a lovely mixture of black, cream, and orange.  Her amber-colored eyes will just draw you into her beautiful soul. She is a very chill cat but is still a curious explorer who still likes to play with cat toys and chase the laser.  Jane is beautiful in every way with her heart, demeanor, and appearance.  

Jane was once an indoor/outdoor kitty who was tossed out by her family when she became pregnant and she was left behind when they moved.  As a young mom, she came to our rescue emaciated and looking for help with her nursing her babies.   Jane has been nothing but loving and affectionate to her kittens and her foster family. 

Jane is a great companion for someone looking for a relaxed cat but still has a bit of frolicking.  She would do well in a home as a single cat or with other animal friends.  Jane has done well in her foster home and seems to tolerate the dogs more than the cat.  We know absolutely she would be a wonderful addition to any family.