Miss Priss

Miss Priss is a precious mini panther.  The only girl of her litter who is constantly tormented by her rambunctious brothers!  But don’t let her name fool you,  she can hold her own against her siblings!  Her litter was found in a cul de sac between two homes,  living in some hedges.  She took her early cues from mom and didn’t trust easily but once her intrepid brother came out to eat,  she was right on his heels!   

Miss Priss earned her name by being super laid back and is an awesome cuddler.  She is all black, even her fuzzy little nose, which is the cutest, tiniest of sniffers!  Her fur is so shiny that it’s obvious she takes pride in her appearance!  She would make a great addition to a household that has other cats or dogs.  Give her a minute and she will quickly worm her way into your heart!