Mr. Tiger

Mr. Tiger is so named because of his commanding size. A large brown and black tabby, he is only about a year and a half old, but already weighs in at a sturdy 14 lbs. Mr. Tiger showed up at a gas station feral colony several months ago, desperately looking for food. After he had been coming for food for several months, he was trapped, neutered and vaccinated. He had no microchip when found, and no one in the area seemed to be looking for him. During his recovery from surgery, he showed that he was a very sweet boy, and he’s never shown any form of aggressive behavior whatsoever. No hissing, swatting, nipping…nothing. He loves having his head and ears rubbed and is learning about playing with kitty toys. Although he’s not yet keen on being picked up and hasn’t fully come to love being on a lap, he’s working on these social skills. In the meantime, he’s just a really good boy, looking for love and a soft place to sleep.