Neptune is the definition of a lap cat!  She loves human affection and would love nothing more than to cuddle all day and night with you.  Neptune originally came to us after her former family moved away and left her and their other cats behind.  Neighbors found the three cats and contacted us, and we gladly stepped in to help these sweet kitties find new homes.  Neptune’s other cat friends have found their purrever families, and this sweet girl is ready to find hers!Neptune is shy initially and unsure of new surroundings.  She does best when only exposed to one room at a time to help her get a sense of “home base”.  She gains so much confidence in her home base and then is ready to explore the rest of your home.  Once Neptune realizes she’s safe and secure with you, she’ll want to be around you all the time.  She’ll be your cuddle buddy at night, and she’ll also carry on conversations with you and tell you how much she loves you!

Neptune would do great in a quiet home with other calm, laid back cats, maybe even a friendly dog.  She has enjoyed spending time with other fosters, Cara and Conner.  That pair is relaxed and playful, and Neptune enjoys watching them run around and play with toys and even joins in on the fun herself from time to time.  She especially loves cat toys filled with catnip and will roll herself all over them.

If you’re looking for one of the most loving and loyal cats that exists, look no further than sweet Neptune!