Paris is a beautiful tortoiseshell kitty who is looking for a calm and loving furever home! She enjoys pets and treats which help her to be more comfortable in her surroundings and will even ask for pets vocally.  Paris loves to play with toy mice, balls, and her tunnel.  She enjoys lounging near her foster human whether it’s at her feet or right next to her.  She is not a lap cat and prefers not to be held.  Paris has done well with the resident kitty in her foster home and we believe she would be fine with another kitty, as long as they are properly introduced. She has not been around dogs.

Paris spent her early days outdoors and is learning to trust new people.  Like most cats, she can be shy at first but once she warms up, she is a very sweet and social kitty.  It may take her a minute to trust but we promise only good things come to those who wait and she is totally worth the wait!  Paris was named after the city of love and she is truly a kitty of love as long as you take the time to see it!  We believe her personality will blossom with a kind and patient cat owner. Take a chance on Paris and you will learn that Paris is for lovers, cat lovers that is!