Rigatoni has earned the nickname ‘Sweet Baby Riga’ in our house due to her sweet, agreeable nature. Though she’s more likely to run away from being picked up than Resume, once she’s in your arms, she will simply accept her fate and flop into you. She is extremely quiet (though she was VERY vocal as a tiny kitten – seems she outgrew that habit quickly), and smart. She is very observant and, unlike her brother Resume, is more likely to conserve energy waiting for a laser pointer to approach her than to sprint after it. She’s usually the last one in and out of a room, and she doesn’t mind her brother taking the lead during playtime. She is very brave and quickly learned to coexist (and even curiously approach) our energetic 50 pound dog. She has a healthy curiosity for most people, animals, and things. She loves her brother, Resume, above all else.

I am bonded with Resume.