Sriracha is a beautiful brown and white kitten with gorgeous tabby markings on a small. compact frame. Just as her name suggests, Sriracha can be a spicy girl. She was found abandoned in a Kroger parking lot and since being rescued, she has enjoyed indoor life in her loving foster home. We have learned that she is very slow to trust humans and will most likely observe from afar just to learn what you are all about before she will venture to get near you. Food is the way to her heart as she can be enticed by a tasty chicken meat tube! Once you are able to gain her trust, she will reward you with a low, gentle rumbly purr when you rub her sides.

Sriracha is a playful kitten whose favorite activity is to play chase with other cats and we know she would thrive in a household with other cats. Sriracha is looking for a calm and quiet home without children and dogs as loud noises can be scary to her. She is a curious observer about everything and nothing escapes her but she can also be skittish and fearful at the same time.

Her purrfect family is one who is willing to spend the time necessary to earn her trust. She will need an owner who will be patient and gentle with her so that she will have time to blossom into the wonderful cat she was meant to be. One great thing to keep in mind about “spicy” kitties like Sriracha is that once you have gained their trust and love, you have a loyal friend for life!