Swirl is so cute that it is really unfair to all other cats! Her tuxedo pattern incudes a white, crooked mustache and a swirl on her left front paw that will make you want to melt. She is simply adorable. Swirl is the smallest of the three sisters. Swirl went from hiding most the time to now greeting me at the door in the morning, rubbing against me, headbutts, purring and happily playing. She will throw herself down on the floor next to my hand and that means I should proceed with the rubs. Her purr is musical – no really! – wait until you hear it! And she purrs a lot – so you will get to enjoy it often! She still has some trust work to do, but in a quiet, loving home she is going to blossom! Swirl loves both of her sisters, but she will do well in a loving home that has plenty of time to give her all the adoration she deserves. She is a fun-loving, happy and healthy girl that deserves a chance to feel safe for the rest of her life.