What is great about Thursday? How about you are only a day away from the weekend! Oh, wait! Wrong Thursday. What is great about THIS Thursday? EVERYTHING!!! This boy is a gorgeous “almost” solid black house panther with a tiny little patch of white on his chest right over his little kitty heart. And this is most appropriate because this boy is a charmer! He is social and friendly to all people, cats and even dogs. Thursday wants nothing more than to be with people either to snuggle or play. He will talk to his people and rub their legs to show his love. Sit down long enough, and this boy is sure to jump up in your lap or snuggle up next to you. He will even vocally tell you how much he loves you. Thursday would be great in any home as an only cat, but he would really like to join a clowder of other kitties to play with every day. He loves to wrestle and play chase with his foster brothers and sisters.