William Wallace

William Wallace is an adorable and friendly mini panther who has a hidden tiny spot of white on his belly between his front paws.  He is the most chill of his siblings, and often has enough of his rambunctious brother, Pancho, and will find a quiet corner for a peaceful nap.  William Wallace loves his independence but isn’t opposed to a good snuggle once playtime is over. 

Fearless Willie was the first rescued kitty of his litter including his mother.  This brave boy stuck out his adorable little nose out of the hedges to sniff the delicious food set out for his pleasure.  Every feeding before rescue, he was always the first one out, and would even go back in the hedge to coax out his brother, Pancho, and sister, Prissy.

William Wallace would love nothing more than to become part of your family and is great in a household with both cats and dogs!