Winnie is a beautiful kitty with bright white fur and patches of color typical of Calico cats and her eyes are perfectly green.  She has the sweetest round face and cute little ears.  She loves to snuggle under pillows and blankets, gets excited about brushing and affection from her humans, and does not want one piece of her gorgeous fur out of place!  

Winnie was very cautious and nervous when she first came to her foster home. It took several days for her to come out from her hiding place and to interact with her foster family who was so anxious to pet and love her.  But finally, she let them see how very sweet, gentle and playful she is.  She is very quiet and shy.  She almost tiptoes when she walks around just like a dainty ballerina.  Her purrfect home is with a kind and patient family without kids.  Winnie is a shy yet exquisite lady and will make an excellent addition to a quiet home that will provide all the love and patience she deserves.