Yoda’s contemporaries know him as a Jedi hero, but he is currently spending his free time as a resident house kitty away from the forces of evil. Yoda is one laid-back guy with lots of love to bestow on anyone who lets him into their heart. Just give this sweet tabby boy a few pets or a scratch under his chin and you will hear Yoda’s very loud purr and know that all is well in the world!.

Yoda’s favorite toys include anything with catnip. Just give him a few whiffs of a catnip toy and he will be the happiest kitty in all the Galaxy! He also enjoys taking a cat nap curled up in a quiet place.

Except for a minor asthma issue, Yoda is a very healthy cat. He needs daily medication, a low dust litter, and a smoke-free home to best manage his asthma symptoms. His medication is easy to administer, just a crushed-up pill once a day in his wet food.

His ideal home environment would be with calm kitties and calm children because he can be bullied by other cats or feel uncomfortable around active children.

Come meet Yoda and you will “feel the force” of his love and affection!