Meet Yosohn Aka FatFat, a spirited kitten with a heart full of love and a mind brimming with curiosity. Found at only a couple weeks old with his siblings, he quickly stole our hearts, and will soon steal yours. He’s a playful little soul, always ready for a game or a new adventure. His bravery is unmatched, fearlessly exploring every nook and cranny of his surroundings. Yosohn is incredibly smart, quickly learning new tricks and commands. His sweet and gentle nature makes him a joy to be around, and his mellow demeanor ensures he’s never too rowdy. Yosohn is a cuddly companion, always eager for a warm lap to snuggle into. He’s loyal, always sticking by your side, and has a love for food that’s absolutely endearing. The key to his heart is a yummy treat! Adopt Yosohn and experience a friendship full of fun, warmth, and loyalty.