Ziggy is the “big sister” to Swirl and Twirl. She was so much bigger that we thought she was a little boy! She is definitely the leader of the gang and loves and takes care of her sisters and even grooms them. She is strongly bonded with her sister Twirl and they are always together. Ziggy and Twirl are a bonded pair who must be adopted together.  You will no longer need your subscription to Netflix with these two in your household. Their kung-fu antics are wildly entertaining.

Ziggy is a fearless leader who loves to explore, and she is a great helper around the house. She helps her foster family serve breakfast and do the dishes every morning after their breakfast and will even supervise the litter box scooping. Ziggy is just happy to be near and doesn’t really get in the way. Her favorite pastime is playing with her sisters and investigating new things. She loves Churu cat treats more than anything. She is happy, full of purrs, and has so much fun.