Our volunteers are our most valuable asset because we could not accomplish our mission without their continued efforts.  We have many volunteer opportunities available with our organization where you can use your skills and talents to make a difference in the lives of homeless cats and kittens that come to our rescue.  Let us help you find the purrfect place on our team! Please complete the volunteer application and someone from our organization will be in contact to discuss volunteering with our rescue. 

Listed below are the role descriptions of the volunteer opportunities that are the greatest needs of our organization. 

If you enjoy interacting with the community while having cat-related conversations, then consider becoming an adoption volunteer with our rescue.  We believe that nothing is more rewarding than helping someone find their purrfect feline friend! A kitty who will be a wonderful companion providing lots of unconditional love.  

Our weekend adoption events are held every Saturday from 1 PM to 5 PM in the cat adoption room inside the Roswell PetSmart. We maintain a monthly online adoption calendar and you will be able to select your preferred shifts that best fit your schedule.  There are two adoption volunteers at all times during our Saturday adoption events at the Roswell PetSmart.  This volunteer activity is a two-hour commitment for a new adoption volunteer and an experienced adoption volunteer will also be there for the entire duration of the Saturday adoption event.

If you get satisfaction from a clean and tidy environment and want to help care for the cats and kittens currently residing in our cat adoption room inside the Roswell PetSmart, then consider becoming a cleaner volunteer with our rescue.  Maintaining the cleanliness of the cat adoption room for our PetSmart kitties waiting to be adopted is critical to our rescue because this work helps show our cats in the best possible way to potential adopters. 

Our PetSmart kitties need your assistance with cleaning, feeding, socializing, and playtime.  We maintain a monthly online cleaning calendar and you will be able to select the preferred date and time to fit into your schedule.  We clean the cat room inside the Roswell PetSmart twice a day (morning and evening).  This volunteer activity is a two-hour commitment.  Prior to your first assignment, we will provide training to demonstrate our process for cleaning the cat room.  Children who are under 18 years of age who want to clean at PetSmart must be accompanied by a legal guardian who is at least 18 years old when performing this volunteer activity at PetSmart.

If you are a nurturer and want to make a huge impact on a kitty who may not have known love before, then consider becoming a foster volunteer with our rescue.  Our Roswell PetSmart location can only house a small number of healthy cats and kittens so we are always in need of temporary foster homes for the rest of the homeless kitties that come into our rescue.   Since we do not operate a shelter, the number of cats and kittens we can rescue is largely dependent on the number of foster homes available.  We are able to save more cats and kittens if we have more foster homes.  It is a small investment with a huge return on saving an animal’s life.

Foster kitties do not require much space, just a spare bathroom, bedroom, or office will do as long as they are kept separate from resident pets. Separation is necessary to keep resident pets happy and to avoid any risks of exposure to potential health issues.  We will pay all expenses for our foster kitties (vet visits and supplies) until they are ready for us to find them their furrever homes. The time commitment will vary depending on the age and health condition of each foster kitty.  As a general rule, we expect healthy cats and kittens will be able to go to our cat adoption room inside Roswell PetSmart for adoption provided there is space available a few days after they are fixed by our veterinarian. The PetSmart resident kitties will have the best chance of being adopted sooner because they will receive a lot of exposure to potential adopters. 

As a potential foster, you will discuss with our foster coordinator the type of fostering and your time commitment as well as the current needs of our rescue.  Per the regulations of the Georgia Department of Agriculture, we will inspect your foster room to ensure your home is appropriately set up for a foster animal and this inspection may be conducted virtually.  Children who are under the age of eighteen who want to foster for our rescue must have their parent’s approval. Becoming a foster is such a vital role in helping our rescue save more lives and a great rewarding way to give back to the community by being the bridge that connects our homeless cats and kittens to their new homes.

If you are a great communicator, highly organized, detailed oriented planner, and have the passion to creatively raise money to support a good cause, then consider becoming a fundraising volunteer with our rescue.  We need help with activities such as writing and applying for grants from corporations, foundations, and securing corporate sponsorships.  We also need help with planning and executing special events.  The preparation of in-person special events entails everything from the initial idea, scheduling, planning, publicizing, and coordinating the event. You will use many skills behind the scenes to pull off the best event possible!  Being a fundraising volunteer is the lifeline of our rescue because we could not do this life-saving work without continued financial support.

If you hear the call of the open road, have reliable transportation, and are a driver in good standing, then consider becoming a transport volunteer for our rescue.  Sometimes even our kitties need a ride and this volunteer role will help us transport our cats and kittens from one place to another.  It might be new kitties coming into the rescue or transporting our cats and kittens to and from their veterinarian appointments.  Most transports are done in the local North Georgia area during the week, but it can vary.  The commitment time for this volunteer activity will also vary depending on the transportation assignment.