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The chance to be owned by a mini panther.

Like all cats, black cats, deserve to be adopted but these darker-colored felines are sometimes dismissed out of misled beliefs, fears, or silly superstitions.  Statistics of black cats making it out of a shelter are not very good as they are frequently overlooked by potential adopters because of their color and many find themselves high on the euthanasia list.

Black cats need our love especially as shelters all around the world are full of black kitties.  We are revealing some fun facts about black cats that show why these mini panthers are so worthy of your attention and your heart.

Black is a dominant gene and the black cat fur is compliments of a dominant gene.  This means that any kitten with one black cat parent will carry this gene and it takes two black cats mating to guarantee a black litter. 

There are more male black cats than female black cats.  Male kittens inherit their fur color from their mothers so a male born to a black female will be black too.  The coloring of the father will be involved but the dominant black gene will always rule.

There are 22 breeds that come with black coats and some black cats aren’t actually pure black.  Some of the coat color patterns are actually a combination of three basic colors such as black, white, and red.  The Bombay cat is the only pure black cat in the world.

Researchers at the National Institute of Health discovered that the genetic mutation that causes a cat’s fur to be black also protects them from certain diseases like FIV. They seem to have a stronger immune system than other cats and more resiliency against other illnesses.

The tabby gene is a dominant pattern so the black fur will also contain a tabby pattern.  The coat of a black cat will change color to a rust brown color when the kitty is lounging in the sun because the sun’s rays break down the pigment in the fur to reveal the underlying tabby stripes.

Most black cats have yellow (golden) eyes which is due to their genetic makeup.  True onyx-hued cats produce a lot of melanin.  This pigment makes their coats black and their eyes a captaining amber shade which is an extremely rare eye color in humans.

In ancient Egypt, black cats were held in the highest esteem because they resembled Bastet, the cat-headed Egyptian goddess of home, fertility, and protection from disease.

In Japan, single women who own black cats are believed to attract more suitors.

In Great Britain, the black cat is commonly associated with a happy marriage and it’s believed that making a gift of a black cat will ensure a successful union. For this reason, black cat-themed wedding favors, cards, and gifts are very popular. 

In Scotland, the arrival of a black cat is believed to signify a windfall.

In France, something magical is about to happen if you see a black cat.

Fishermen and their wives saw black cats as good luck (or a safe journey) with the added benefit of fewer rats so they welcomed them aboard their ships and in their homes.  Black cats became so highly valued that some could not afford them.

Research by ASPCA show that black cats are least likely to be adopted but thanks to movies like “Black Panther” more house panthers have been able to find their furrever homes.

Research has found that black cats were less likely to get adopted so to address this issue two national holidays for black cats were born. 

  1. National Black Cat Appreciation Day on August 17, celebrated in the United States, encourages people to cast aside silly superstitions and adopt a black cat.
  2. National Black Cat Day, on October 27, first celebrated in the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, is dedicated to celebrating the beauty and value of black cats to encourage people to adopt them. 

As the age-old saying goes, if you happen to cross paths with a black cat, we think you should stop and take the time to pet the kitty!  Consider yourself lucky to be in the presence of a beautiful and magnificent mini panther!